Company Overview

Mission Statement

The Wheelie Good Coffee Bookmobile is a business with a mission to both sell high-quality, locally roasted, fair exchange coffee and to be a part of the community. We are a community place on wheels, bringing coffee, books, and events to the neighborhoods, campuses, fairs, and festivals of our town.

Business Concept

The Wheelie Good Coffee Bookmobile brings community to the people through good coffee, books, and neighborly events. It centers around a motor scooter, thus it’s a mobile business. Scooters represent fun, simplicity , lightheartedness, and freedom. They are hip and eco-friendly. Wheelie Good literally represents a small business, i.e. a one-person operation via a scooter.

Wheelie Good is about good coffee, represented by a real espresso machine and locally-roasted, fair exchange coffee. It is not your typical food wagon, nor the drive-thru coffee stop. It encourages people to stop and enjoy the venue.

The Bookmobile aspect brings books to the people. It represents sharing and the free-exchange of thoughts and ideas. Books are for swapping or taking, hosted book groups are for discussing interesting topics, and literacy classes are for helping people both learn to read and/or learn English as another language.

Each of these aspects of the Wheelie Good Coffee Bookmobile make it unique, different from the traditional storefront coffeehouse. It encourages the feel of such places, but without the confines of any one particular place. By being mobile, the Wheelie Good Coffee Bookmobile brings the place to the people.

Business Model

The Wheelie Good Coffee Bookmobile builds community. Coffee shops are natural gathering places. Wheelie Good is a moving coffee shop, bringing the gathering place to the people.

The Wheelie Good Coffee Bookmobile shares with the community. We provide a free exchange model of donating or swapping books, as well as literacy classes, book groups, author talks, and other events focused on reading.

The Wheelie Good Coffee Bookmobile gives back to the community. We use locally-roasted, fair trade coffee, and recyclable and/or recycled products. Our footprint is small.