Executive Summary

Wheelie Good Coffee is a small enterprise that combines the mobility of a motor scooter, the desire for fresh, high quality coffee, and the enjoyment of community gatherings around books, music, and art. It involves a small cart fitted with espresso machine, coffee, tea, dog biscuits, perhaps locally baked snacks, and books for loan or swap. The cart will be towed via my scooter and appear at venues such as farmer’s markets, art fairs, music festivals, parks, etc. Besides the obvious of providing good coffee, my hope is that Wheelie Good Coffee grows into a mobile community center where people can gather not only for good caffeine, but also good company, as it sponsors book groups, literacy classes, open mic-less music, drawing groups, and more.

The popularity of coffee shops over the past years has grown and they’ve become a staple in both neighborhoods and shopping areas. Wheelie Good Coffee leverages this popularity and merges it with convenience, bringing coffee to the customers instead of vice versa. It also taps into emerging trends among the public to support simpler lifestyles, eco-friendly ventures, and community-focused or community-centric businesses. Scooters are small, simple, economical, environmentally friendly, and hip. They also draw a crowd. People talk to you when you’re on a scooter. They look at you and smile. Wheelie Good Coffee can use this to its advantage, attracting people to the business simply based on the unique look of it.

The business will also use local micro-roasters for our coffee, businesses who deal with small coffee farmers in a fair exchange market. We will use recycled and/or recyclable materials. We will bring the idea of books and reading to neighborhoods that can benefit from literacy or ESOL classes. In other words, Wheelie Good Coffee is a business with a mission to not simply sell coffee, but to be a part of the community – to be a community place – but on wheels. Mobile. Reaching different people in different places, it is a community center that comes to you.

There are currently a number of farmer’s markets, fairs and festivals that happen in and around Worcester, and many have food vendors present who sell pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, burgers, and other traditional street vendor fare, but there is no mobile coffee business yet. Wheelie Good Coffee can be the first. For the college students, the art crowd, the older European men, the at-home-business workers, and others who regularly fill the brick-and-mortar coffee shops, it can provide an alternative coffee stop during the nice weather or on weekends or at festivals. In a word, Wheelie Good Coffee will bring coffee and books to the people, and the people in exchange will come and form a community. I hope you will support us in this fun and worthwhile venture.