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Wheelie Good Coffee is kicking off its kickstand THIS WEEKEND and our launch is not going unnoticed! Check out the mention in the article about stART on the Street in today’s Worcester Telegram and Gazette. I do want to highlight, though, that per our last update, we’re still using pedal power to get around. We’ll get the scooter edition going for next year. For now… PEDAL ON!!

Join the big gaggle of fun-loving folks at stART on the Street this Sunday!

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It’s Summer and We Have a Website!

My first sketch of Wheelie Good. Early thoughts.

I’ve spent the past 14 weeks taking a class through the Center for Women and Enterprise in Worcester, learning the ins and outs of how to get Wheelie Good Coffee off the ground. I have a full-time job as a research librarian and no inklings to leave that anytime soon, so this is a side venture for me. That fact made it a little hard to take in and keep up with everything in the business course, but I’m still glad I made the investment of my time (and money).

Another thing that made it hard for me is that I don’t really like business, at least not all of the spreadsheet / financial planning / mission statement jargon aspect of it. There’s a reason that I dropped accounting not once, but twice, during college. I understood Greek better (literally). Recently though, I came across Jennifer Lee’s terrific book for the non-business-brained folk like me, The Right-Brained Business Plan. While my formal class is coming to a close tomorrow night, I’m happily working through the exercises in Jennifer’s book and I’ll put them to good use as I move forward with my “wheelie good idea.” Because it IS a good idea and it’s something I want to make happen.

Stay tuned, everyone!

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